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What can I use my HRA to pay for?
In general, you can use your HRA money to pay for:

  • Health plan expenses such as co-pays for doctors’ visits
  • Medical deductible costs
  • Pharmacy costs
  • Eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Dental care and orthodontic treatments

Your employer determines how the HRA funds can be used, so check your Summary Plan Description for more information.

How do I submit claims to my HRA?
If you don't have auto-pay, just log into your member website and enter a new claim on the Spending tab.  You can upload receipts from your computer or mobile device. You can also download and print out a claim form, then fax or mail it in along with the needed receipts.

Do I receive a debit card?
Your employer may offer a Visa® debit card, which you can use to pay eligible expenses directly from your HRA. Simply swipe your card at the point of sale, just like you would with any debit card purchase.

What do I do if my claim is denied?
If you believe your claim was denied in error, you can contact member service at the phone number on the back of your medical insurance card. You may be asked to submit additional receipts. They can tell you how to appeal the denial of a claim, if you wish.

How can I check the status of my claims on the website?
Log in to your member website and click the Spending tab.

Will I be able to pay medical providers directly from my HRA?
If your employer has chosen to include direct payments to providers as part of your plan setup, medical providers will be paid directly from your HRA once your claim is final. However, the HRA will not pay prescription expenses directly to pharmacy locations.

Will I be able to pay my dental or vision providers directly from my HRA?
If you have a debit card, you may use it to pay these providers. If you don’t have a debit card, you’ll have to pay the provider yourself and submit the claim for reimbursement. If your employer decides that vision and dental reimbursements can be paid from your HRA, they will be paid directly to you.

  • Are there any reasons you won’t pay a provider directly?
    If we can’t pay a provider, we will pay you directly and you must pay the provider. This might be because:
  • There are no funds in the account
  • The provider’s tax information cannot be verified
  • The transaction is for dental, vision or prescription expenses

If I get a bill, what should I do?
Check your member website first. In many cases, you may learn that the claim is being processed and the provider will be paid soon.

Do not pay the bill until you check the status of your claim. This will help avoid double payments for the same claim. If you don’t have Internet access, you can call Member Service.

Will I be able to pay providers on medical claims that have been adjusted? 
Sometimes a provider changes or adds items to a claim after it is first submitted. We then adjust the claim. Because it may have already been paid, , the additional amount will be paid to you, not the provider.

Can I be reimbursed for health insurance premiums? 
No, health insurance premiums are not eligible for reimbursement under a health care HRA.

Can I be reimbursed for an expense I had before I signed up for an HRA?
No, all expenses must be for purchases after your account was started.

Is there a minimum amount for claims paid directly to me?
Yes, there’s a $25 minimum if you are being reimbursed by paper check. If you have an approved claim for less than $25, that amount will be added to other approved claims until they total $25. There is no minimum repayment for direct deposit repayments.

How often are payment and claims details updated on the website?
The member website will display your account balance, payment and claim information in real time, as they happen.

Will I get a statement of my account activity?
You’ll receive a Plan Activity Statement, which combines all your claims and spending transactions for the month on one document. You can also choose to receive your Plan Activity Statements via email. You may also view your account, including payment details, at any time on the member website.

Can I still mail or fax claims forms?
We encourage you to submit claims and documentation online, because that’s the fastest way to receive payment. However, claim forms can be printed from the member website and submitted via mail or fax.


If my HRA offers a debit card, what expenses can be paid using the card?
Your employer decides what is reimbursable from your HRA.  HRA debit cards are only available for qualified medical expenses, which are specified by your employer and the Internal Revenue Code.

Are there monthly fees for the debit card?
No, there are no monthly fees and there are no fees for transactions.

Should I choose “credit” or “debit” when using my debit card? 

  • You can use either “credit” or “debit”
  • Your signature is required to authenticate credit transactions
  • Some merchants may not accept “credit” purchases, but may accept the “debit” option
  • You will be prompted to enter your PIN for the “debit” option
  • If you can’t remember your PIN, or if you entered your PIN and the transaction was declined, you can ask the merchant to run your purchase as a “signature debit.”

Can I use my debit card to withdraw cash?
No. Debit cards and PINs cannot be used to withdraw cash from an ATM or at the point of sale.

What if I lose my PIN?
You can request a new PIN on the spending account member website. Go to the Spending tab and click the Debit Card link.

Can a PIN be changed?
No. PINs are automatically created and cannot be changed or customized.

Is there a fee for reporting lost or stolen debit cards?
No. You can reorder lost or stolen cards on your member website.

How can I order more debit cards?
If you additional cards for dependents, you can order them on your member website. Go to the Spending tab and click the Debit Card link.

Do I need to keep receipts for purchases I make using my HRA debit card?

Yes, receipts are often required, especially for dental and vision claims, in order to meet the Internal Revenue Service’s requirements for HRAs.

Why did I get a letter asking for debit card receipts?

The Internal Revenue Code says we must confirm that all debit card purchases are for eligible expenses.  Usually, with debit cards, this happens as part of the transaction. But sometime, there is not enough data to confirm that your purchase is an eligible expense.

In this case, you need to submit a copy of your receipt. You will get a letter telling you what to do. You can scan and upload your receipt, or use your smart phone to take a photo of it and attached it to your claim.
If we don’t get this document within 90 days, you will get two more letters. To follow the IRC rules, we may have to shut down your debit card temporarily until all receipts are submitted. 

Are cards reissued each year? Or are they good for multiple years?
Your HRA debit card will have an expiration date just like any other debit card. Debit cards are only reissued if there’s a change in your plan that would warrant new cards. Even if you skip participating in your HRA for a year, don’t throw your card away before it expires. It can be used with your account in future years.

Can I use my debit card outside the United States?
Yes, you can use your debit card internationally if the merchant is set up with valid Merchant Category Codes (MCC). MCCs indicate to the credit card company the type of provider where the card is being swiped. Generally, larger providers will have valid MCC codes.






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